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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yuck. There's Lettuce. Let's Sit Somewhere Else.

Yes, those fingers are pointing at lettuce.

I was at Cafe Rio the other day, and I consciously avoided sitting at a table because there was a small piece of lettuce there. I sat near the table and watched as several other people avoided it too. I noticed how not one person, myself included, was willing to just clean it off and sit down. 

Then, I started to think about all of the things in this world that humans avoid which made me think about how humans treat other humans. 

Take bullying for example. When I was in elementary school, I remember seeing a couple of children being teased by classmates. I remember being so grateful that I wasn't the one getting picked on.

Why didn't I do anything about it? Sure, I was young, but I had an obligation to help those kids, and I stood on the playground, indifferently.

This sort of apathy has been going on forever, in small and large scales.

As a college student and a budding social entrepreneur, I learn about all sorts of social problems every day. I hear about awareness projects. I read about and see all of the suffering. I realize that this world is in a big, stupid mess.

I also know that other people know this too, but a large majority aren't doing anything about it. They're walking to the table with the lettuce on it, acknowledging it, and walking away to find a different table. 
They feel like it is not their job to fix the problem in front of them. They tell themselves that it is the employee's problem. 
What would make them take a napkin, clean it off of the table, and sit down?

As a society, we need to be proactive.

What motivates you to be a proactive citizen?

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