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Every time I draw a character clearly and correctly, I can see the beauty in the word no matter how mundane the definition is. There are days where I would rather subject myself to cruel&unusual punishment rather than study my languages & then there are days where I see a page full of Chinese writing, and I fall in love with the language all over again.

It's not an easy task, and it requires dedication, determination, and sacrifice. But on the days where I'm feeling lazy or frustrated with my pace, I try to close my eyes and envision myself in the country speaking the language, being a part of the culture, and connecting with people with a unique background. The more I see that vision, the more I try to add detail to it & I know that this will help me work harder to achieve fluency.

In the end, I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn such beautiful languages, and I hope to give you the same opportunity and inspiration that drives me.

On this page, I'll be giving a wide variety of information that is not limited to: useful links, tips, funny cultural aspects, and hopefully a whole lotta inspiration.

--Youtube is always a go-to resource for anything, but especially for languages because you are given the opportunity to hear the sounds. Peggy is animated, informational, and lovely to listen to. She provides listeners with cultural experiences, vocabulary and grammar in every video.