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Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Lovely!

The date at CSN is successfully set for Tuesday October 19, 2010 & I am practically shining with happiness. It's so weird to me that this event is actually going to happen after all of this time.

On Tuesday, I talked to the CSNHS Student Council, and a good majority of them seemed very enthused about getting volunteer hours. :]
The Students Making a Difference Club has agreed to co-sponsor the event, and the amazing advisor will be able to oversee the event from 930 to 1230.
I'm extremely pleased that an advisor has consented to be there. My only issue is that I wanted the bake sale to run until 3:00 pm.
So, cross your fingers for me while I search for that willing advisor!
Yesterday, I spoke with the Rebel Service Council (whom are all very lovely people, btw) and they have worked with the Share our Strength Foundation and seemed pretty enthusiastic about the event. Crossing my fingers x5934 that they agree to sponsor the bake sale!

Moving on to topics that are even more is a short list of baked goods that are definitely going to make an appearance at the bake sale from yours truly.


See you there!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The time is LITERALLY flying by...

Really. I swear I just saw the minute hand zoom past me going at least 55 mph.
Maybe I'm hallucinating after the 38209183092 hours I've spent at the computer. Or...maybe time was really flying.
Either way, these days are full of go go go.
I'm working on expanding the bake sale across the entire Las Vegas Valley through high schools, and I have high hopes that they will respond with a great wealth of support.

I'm focusing on having high hopes for each goal that I accomplish and not getting upset when things don't go exactly as planned.

This whole event planning thing is teaching me how to be more flexible, understandable, and open to new ideas.

BUT, knowing that this whole blogging world exists will be the death of me. Every new recipe I see, I think ' YEAH. That looks great! I'm going to bake that for the bake sale!' Then, reality gives me a swift kick and says, 'Hellooooo Cher, do you realize your baking list is already 15 items long?' & I whisper, 'hey reality. shut it.'

I come across new, delightful, delicious items every day & I get all excited and completely geek out.

I'm going to end up baking for a minimum of 17 hours a day atleast a week before the sale.

Maybe I'll find a team of lovely bakers that enjoy the cause as much as I do!

Not likely...but a girl can dream.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bake Sale Inspiration

I want this bake sale to be epic. Sort of like Lord of the Rings...but better because you can eat dessert.

I want the food to taste delightful, the event to go smoothly, the support to be insurmountable, and the decorating to be lovely.

So, I've compiled a list of inspiration from various blogs all around the internet.

Take a look! ;]

Friday, September 3, 2010

Everybody Wants to Lend a Helping Hand

Hello Hello!

I realize that it's Friday, and I'm pleased to say that a failure isn't being documented today.

In fact, I've been much too busy to even think about failing (which is always a good thing).

As I mentioned before, I am planning on hosting a Great American Bake Sale under the Share our Strength Foundation either October 11 or October 13th. The planning is going wonderfully. Every day, I take advice from all of the business books that I've read, and I picture the event in my head, adding more detail to every vision.

I start to see the tablecloths, the unique cupcake toppers, the information on the dessert-shaped flyers, and the look on people's faces when they eat something delicious like a chocolate cake ball. I keep wondering where the inspiration for this event came from, and I'm still pretty lost.

All I know is that I love to bake, and I love to help people. This charity event has the perfect combination of my interests. What's wonderful about events like these is that every body seems to want to be involved. The minute I started telling people about it, offers for help came right to me. My initially small bake sale has turned into an event that could generate thousands of dollars, and each day I can see the goal rising higher and higher.

How exciting would it be to raise $20,000 for Share our Strength and know that all of that money is going to be given to communities all over the United States and put toward underprivileged children that need food on their table. I'm so excited to be able to be a part of an event like this, and I can't wait until the donations start coming in, and I can tell all of the volunteers about the huge difference we're making.

Starting next Thursday, I have meetings left & right, and I'm nervous to talk to so many people! Hopefully they'll be able to see my vision of what this bake sale could bring, and they'll be willing to support all of the efforts. I'll just have to use all of the advice How To Talk So People Listen by Sonya Hamlin and use it to my advantage!

Have a lovely night, Bloggers!