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Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Failure Friday Again!

So, I was determined to make a very cute, professional looking cake for my manager's birthday. She requested a white cake with white frosting and fresh strawberry filling.Unfortunately, I  do not have a tried & true white frosting recipe yet, and I was playing around with possibilities. I considered myself lucky to find a wonderful recipe that has a beautiful marshmallowy texture and exists in the perfect state between sweet and too sweet. Unfortunately, this frosting also melts very fast (but tastes wonderful when used as a dip for strawberries!). So, I hurriedly crumb coated the cake, put it in the freezer, and came back to do the second coat only to realize that this wasn't going to go the way I originally planned. 

You see, the night before when I baked the cakes I have to admit that I was in a bit of a rush. The day at work had been long and tedious, and I wanted to sit down and get some work done at the computer. Because of these events, I failed to coat two of the 9" pans with nonstick spray and ended up mutilating two cakes (yes, I know the word mutilating is dramatic). 

So, I had to salvage what I could (and save the rest for a second run of cake balls!). In the end, the filling turned out wonderfully, but was also dripping down the sides and mixing in with my wonderful white frosting. It all tasted VERY delectable, though. 

I realize that in order to make beautiful cakes, I must practice my cutting the cakes in layers...because that is what ultimately gets me in trouble. Ahhh! I need to invest in a cake leveler from Michaels!

Either way, I managed to kind of uphold a decent appearance with the simple elegance of strawberries. 

After my second Failure Friday post, I now feel like I am on a mission to tell the amateur bakers of whereverland that mistakes happen ALL of the time...especially near Fridays, as it seems. So, keep on baking  &hopefully all of my mistakes make you feel better about yours. :]

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I am beyond relieved to rid my life of this cake.
It took a lot of work & a lot of frustration, but the person who received the cake was REALLY excited about, and that made all of the work worth it (cliche, I know).
I did have some trouble covering the cakes with fondant and trimming off the edges, I can't seem to master the perfection of trimming the edges...and the chocolate frosting was delicious (, but not really workable because I didn't exactly wait until room temperature. So, it definitely showed through the fondant, and I have to remember to do more than one coat.
Also, Bombman was a little top heavy, which is why in the picture he's being supported by a can of sanitizer wipes. Oh well. As they say, you live&you learn.

On a side note, my parents are constantly sending me to the store to buy something they forgot almost EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Obviously, I am annoyed.

The cashiers know me by name & they are updated with my life on a constant basis. I like the feeling of welcome, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't mind if I saw them all a bit less. So, in an attempt to try and get organized with things we need as we realize they are out, I made a little shopping list for our refrigerator. It was super easy & makes the fridge look way more cute. :]
(&it's two-sided, so it's more environmentally friendly!)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fondanting the day away

My grandma's birthday is today, so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA SANDERS!

I made this cake after the design on my sketchbook.