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Monday, December 20, 2010


There are thousands of non-profit organizations in this big, silly, beautiful world.

This means that there are thousands of people vying for human power for their particular cause.

A certain social issue, such as AIDS awareness and action, could be the catalyst to your passion with non-profit work. Maybe you were affected personally by knowing someone with AIDS, you might be battling the disease yourself, or maybe you read a touching account of a person struggling with HIV; whatever the reason may be, you are willing to go head-on into the issue and do your part in solving it.

Before you go all crazy with tweeting, volunteering, and telling all of your friends about the social problem...STOP.



What is the root of this problem? 

To continue with the AIDS example, what could we say is the root of this issue?

My mind immediately zooms to poverty.

Well then, okay. We're making progress, but what's the root cause(s) of poverty?

Hmmm. We could say that it is lack of resources (education, land, support), corruption, hatred, the list could fall into oblivion and keep going.

So, when we get down the root cause of any social issue, the answer is usually pretty simple.

It's people. It's humans. It's US.

We're the cause & we're the solution.

So, how do we address THAT problem?

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