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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maybe I Should Write...Tomorrow

In my life, there has always been an extreme love of writing, of wanting to be real in all aspects of my writing, and in wanting to produce a lot of it.

It has come to my attention that...well...writing is hard.  It seems as if there is a constant voice in the back of my head telling me that no one is going to enjoy what I'm saying or that my thoughts aren't clever or quippy enough.

What do they call that again? Self disempowerment? Is that even a word? Well, it's something along those lines.

While that is the root of my writing issue, and I am more than positive that I am not the only person in the world who deals with this, there are many other problems that came to fruition after I decided to start a blog.

I was excited. I was ambitious. I was ready to capture the audience of the world wide web...and I had nothing to write about.

Sure, I would do a blog post here and there, but I lacked consistency, vision, and goals for my blog.

Alas, I had found my next blockade in the online writing world.

As a devoted social media type person, I am constantly scouring the web via my Google reader to find enlightening articles by experts in all sorts of fields. At least once a day, I come upon an article about improving your writing, writing with consistency, and writing creatively. I take note of them, happily tweet them, and move on with my life.


It's really quite silly.

In order to improve my writing, meet personal goals, and get a blog following, I am going to outline goals.

Yes, today & yes, right now.


1. Write one blog post a week for the next year (December 2011)
2. Create a following of at least 20 people who are genuinely interested in what I have to say in the next year (December 2011)

&If you're sitting at your computer desk(or even via blackberry/droid/all other smart phones in this crazy technological world), and you're thinking...well, I do that too, then I am here to direct you to two resources that I will be using to fuel my motivation in the upcoming twelve months of strenuous blog writing.

Copyblogger: 7 Ways to Improve Your Writing...Right Now
Best Advice About Blogging from Chris Brogan


  1. I sabotage myself the same way! Maybe not with writing but other things. Good luck reaching your goals this upcoming year, I'll be looking for your posts! (that means you need 19 more people)

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