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Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Lovely!

The date at CSN is successfully set for Tuesday October 19, 2010 & I am practically shining with happiness. It's so weird to me that this event is actually going to happen after all of this time.

On Tuesday, I talked to the CSNHS Student Council, and a good majority of them seemed very enthused about getting volunteer hours. :]
The Students Making a Difference Club has agreed to co-sponsor the event, and the amazing advisor will be able to oversee the event from 930 to 1230.
I'm extremely pleased that an advisor has consented to be there. My only issue is that I wanted the bake sale to run until 3:00 pm.
So, cross your fingers for me while I search for that willing advisor!
Yesterday, I spoke with the Rebel Service Council (whom are all very lovely people, btw) and they have worked with the Share our Strength Foundation and seemed pretty enthusiastic about the event. Crossing my fingers x5934 that they agree to sponsor the bake sale!

Moving on to topics that are even more is a short list of baked goods that are definitely going to make an appearance at the bake sale from yours truly.


See you there!

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