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Monday, August 23, 2010

Made With Love Monday

This Monday we're making a cute little giraffe to decorate any kind of handmade card. This theme is Christmas because I have so many cards to make still, and I think the giraffe looks extra cute as a present at the top of the tree.
You will need a circle puncher, a hole puncher, a glue stick, scissors, a sharpie, a pencil, brown, orange, and white card stock, decorative ribbon, and 3d glue spots which are for the card, so they're optional.
I use the circle hole puncher because it is incredibly efficient and helpful, but it's optional of course.
It's pretty simple to free hand this with the pencil. Just focus on the different shapes involved in the picture, and that makes drawing it a lot more attainable.

The flipping over bit is to help hide the pencil marks, of course.
Depending on the size of your giraffe, you can choose between using a mini hole puncher or a standard hole puncher like the one seen in the picture.

The five half circles are used for the hair at the end of the tail, two hooves, and two dots on the body that are next to the edge.
After this, punch out two white circles and glue them on the face as well. Then, use the sharpie to add the pupils in whatever direction you choose.

Depending on the width of your decorative ribbon, cut a small strip of it to make his bow easier to handle.
This just makes it easier to tie once it's around the giraffe's neck.
YAY! You're all finished making a super cute giraffe!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog :) I love collages like that, just capturing my day! Mostly what my girls have gotten into!

    I thought your post about the cake balls was so funny :) I too am at a loss as to how Bakerella can make it look so easy!? At least they still taste yummy!

  2. Very lovely xmas card, a card which definitely make people happy, looks simple to make but i know it's a lot of hard work.